5 Best Things to Visit in Torrox, Malaga

When we think about Spain, the first destinations that come to mind are maybe Madrid or Barcelona as they are full of the traditions and cultural wonders that are often publicized. However, there is so much of the Spanish culture to be discovered. Lesser known destinations are often full of hidden gems and still appear to have a nostalgic community closeness and intimacy felt among its residents. Torrox located in the Malaga province, is one such secret treasure.

Nestled at the foot of the Tejeda and Almijara mountain ranges & just a few kilometres inland from Torrox Costa is the white washed Spanish village called Torrox Pueblo. It enticingly beckons all visitors to the Malaga region, not to speed past it on the way to one of its larger neighbours, but to come and bask in its oldy-worldy beauty. Torrox pueblo’s charm and picturesque qualities remind tourists of what Spain used to be like in most of its regions, with its narrow old-world streets that wind up hills and mountains. Visitors here step back in time to a place where old men continue to congregate on one corner bench to discuss the news of the day & older women sit opposite in their groups and proudly chat about their village life.

A most welcome relaxing point is the delightful public square where tapas of the day are served along with a glass of wine, refreshing beer or a freshly ground coffee.

The best way to get to Torrox is a simple bus journey or taxi from Malaga east along the Costa del Sol for approximately 60 kilometres.

In order not to miss the true value of Torrox and its surroundings, it is important to plan in advance, so here we have listed the 5 best things to see and do.

1. Torrox Costa Promenade / Paseo

Torrox Costa promenade

While you may not see this attraction as the no.1 in Trip Advisor’s lists about Torrox Spain, it is an attractive location that you can enjoy alone or in a group. The Torrox Costa promenade is a popular walking path enjoyed by locals and tourists from early sunset to late into the evening. Walking along the promenade offers you a chance to absorb the local relaxed way of life and keep healthy at the same time. With a welcomed Mediterranean sea breeze gently blowing through your hair, enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin, even the winter months here are most pleasurable. Whether tasting fine Mediterranean dishes is a favourite past time or just chilling out on the numerous lounge chairs on the beautiful beach, the paseo is somewhere you’ll want to return to again and again.

2. Torrox Lighthouse

Torrox lighthouse

If you come from a coastal city or port, you are probably familiar with the extrodinary functionality of even the ‘humblest’ of lighthouses. They are the pillar of ports and beaches and the core of every sailor’s trip. However, getting to see the faro or lighthouse in Torrox, may give you a different sense of perspective. The building was completed on May 1st, 1864 and sits on the grounds of an old Roman castle, destroyed by Napoleon in the early 1800s! This historic lighthouse actually sits directly on the grounds of a Roman archaeological site.

There is now a small museum attached to the lighthouse showcasing ancient relics that were found on site and also modern and past photographs of Torrox from when it was an old fishing village.

Entry to the museum is free of charge and open every day accept Sunday from 10 – 2pm and and then Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm – 8pm. The address of the museum is : Avenido. el Faro, s/n, 29793 Torrox, Málaga.

3. River Hike

Discovering Spain also involves experiencing what its natural surroundings have to offer. The Rio Chillar hike offers you the most amazing hiking experience. This 8km walk along the banks and literally through the waters of the river Chillar can be enjoyed by families with older children. The environment can change depending on the time of day or the season chosen. The beautiful and peaceful scenery accompanied by waterfalls and shallow pools make it the perfect day out for relaxing and getting in touch with nature. Hiking boots are required and also enough food and water for one day. This free and exciting family activity can be enjoyed most months of the year, however assessing the weather and recent rainfall volume is suggested so that the depth of the river will not cause any problems and can still be enjoyed by all. Bear in mind this can be a 6 or 7 hour walk as you have to return the same way, but it’ll be worth your efforts.Getting here is just a 10 minute drive from Torrox to Nerja. An ideal spot is to park where the Nerja market is held at Almijara – Market car park.

Once parked up here, continue up Mirto street & turn left where the street joins the Almachares road.

4. Torrox Wreck Dive Site

With many diving companies in Torrox, it is only natural to include the underwater world on this top 5 best things to visit in Torrox Spain list. Black Frog Divers is the no.1 diving company, according to several travelling websites. Besides the Shipwreck, they have more than 15 dive sites to enjoy depending on experience and diving level. Accompanied by certified divers and trainers, this attraction will be one of the highlights of your trip. Many fascinating underwater creatures are waiting to be discovered in the local region, from tiny breathtaking sea slugs, cuttlefish to colourful octopuses. Friendly and highly trained experts will teach you where to find many more camouflaged sea creatures.

The Black frog divers shop is open from 9:00 – 18:30 all year round and can be located on Urbanisation. Laguna Beach, s/n Locales Oeste 3. It is better to contact the dive centre on T +34 952 968 273 to discuss your needs as they also offer specialize PADI courses too!

5. Torrox’s wonderful Kayaking route to Maro

If you enjoy more of an adventurous holiday, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to go sea kayaking along the towering cliffs of Nerja & Maro Beach where stunning natural waterfalls cascade down into the turquoise sea. Kayaks can be hired from off Torrox coast for 20 euros from the above diving company crewe. It includes a relaxing tour, that gives you time to admire the scenery and relax whilst ‘aboard’.

As Torrox grows in popularity, more bed and breakfasts and hotels spring up here and in the nearby town of Nerja, making it much easier to find somewhere economical to stay. One such accommodation in Torrox is Casa Luthel, which is listed both under Nerja hotels and Nerja apartments as it is ideally positioned between Torrox coast and Nerja town and offers a mixture of accommodation.

Torrox is famous in claiming to have La Major Clima de Europa (the best climate in Europe) and whether this is absolutely accurate or not, one thing is true; Torrox does have Malaga weather, therefore even most winter days have picturesque clear blue skies and it doesn’t take long before the Spring sun returns.

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