How I Planned the Best Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary

best Bangkok Pattaya tour itinerary

Hey friends! Are you planning an itinerary with your friends or family but not finding the best place to get in, then I’m here to tell you how and where to plan the best itinerary tour this holiday.

Bangkok-Pattaya tour was one of the best tours I ever had in my life, never seen such a mesmerizing place, even have started recommending to my nearest-dearest ones, must-visit cities never to be missed in your life.

I had my amazing Bangkok-Pattaya Tour Package from one of the known travel companies, with my friends, it was fun exploring the two most prestigious cities in the world. The major mesmerizing points of this place are Safari World and Coral Island. The first destination had taken us to a world full of Waters, where we confronted various Activities. Then the Bangkok tour took us to range over to all the marine creatures and have a thrilling ride. The further trip leads us to adorn ourselves with the traditional values of Thailand through old folk music, Alcazar show, the Tiffany Show and the major attraction ‘Thai-Cuisine’.

So are you excited to explore Thailand with me through my experience, let’s see how I planned the best Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary!

Day-wise Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Day

After a long-haul, our travel agency’s representatives were waiting for us at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok. They welcome us to the city of Thailand in a Thai-style as if we were the chief-guest for them, it was fun there with my friends.

We were then headed to one of the most fascinating cities in the world that is Pattaya, it was two and a half hour road trip from Bangkok. We checked-in, in our pre-booked hotels and asked for a day rest in our luxury hotel or we were free to roam around the magnificent city. I think rest is not meant for explorers, yes so we opened the door for our well-equipped room and went for a short walk. We stood mesmerized after seeing the lively nightlife of Pattaya. Our guide briefed us that this place is famous for its enigmatic nightlife along with delicious Thai-cuisine, scenic view, Dark-Disco, night clubs and pubs, of course, the umpteen bars, and the best colorful markets. Our Day 1st of Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary spent well.

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Day 2: Coral Island, Pattaya

coral island Pattaya

The splendid Bangkok-Pattaya Tour started from the second day of our Itinerary. After the amazing breakfast offered by our travel company, we were asked to gather at the hotel’s lodge. They took us to the world-famous Island of the world in Pattaya, Coral Island. If you are a water lover then this is the place to explore, yes! This place is a home for many small magnificent beaches and to have a beguiling fun with many water sports. We explored with snorkeling and a heart-taking underwater Dive, it was my first and most insane experience of such a side-splitting sport. After a drooling fun, we had a long gleeful walk at a White Beach and had an incredible sunbath which made us regain immune energy, which was all consumed in a thrill-day. After strolling through the whole day, we retired the hotel back at night.

Day 3: The Alcazar and The Tiffany Show, Pattaya

Alcazar and Tiffany show Pattaya

Have you ever been to any Cabaret Show, especially Cabaret’s hosted by Ladyboys?
No, then let me take you to the amazing, jaw-dropped Cabaret Shows of Pattaya. On the very next day after having breakfast, we were taken to the most alluring entertaining Shows that is the ‘Alcazar Show’ later, to the ‘Tiffany Show’. The shows were filled with a beautiful blend of modern and Tradition culture, moves, Dresses, and Dances. The best part of these shows were blaring music and alluring dance, I bet you also won’t stop yourself from dancing with these amazing Ladyboys out there. This day was so memorable of our Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary.

Day 4: Underwater World, Pattaya

We woke up after the sun with the same excitement as yesterday. After having lip-smacking breakfast in Pattaya, we headed towards the World full of water, yes! The Underwater World, home to many aquatic animals and small creatures. We went to the 100-meter long tunnel in the oceans to see the live movements and habitat underwater animals. It was such a wonderful storytelling event and that’s why i have added this place into my Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary.

Day 5: Bangkok City Tour

Bangkok city tour

Time to wake-up and again two and a half hour trip to Bangkok. But don’t you think it was a normal road trip, it was the most fascinating Boat ride to our 2nd destination of Bangkok-Pattaya Tour Package. During the ride we encounter many beautiful scenes from both sides, my friend asked me to capture the moment for future storytelling, how nerd of me. After reaching our destination, load in the motors on the ride to our pre-booked hotel. Bangkok city tour commenced with the visit of the three most incredible temples- ‘ Wat Trimeter, Wat Traimit and Wat Pho’, at the same location we viewed the heaviest gold statue of Lord Buddha in nirvana. Every idyllic shopper always had a dream to explore a shopping paradise of the universe that is Bangkok, it was an amusing enjoyment in Bangkok’s floating Markets, bargain shops, the Indian Towns, and the China Town, and. It looked like the day was just planned for me.

Day 6: Free Day to Explore the streets of Bangkok

The day 6 of Bangkok Pattaya tour itinerary was left free-day, in which we were free to do things of our like. Finally, the day came to enjoy the hospitality of our luxurious hotel in Bangkok. I am a type of freak for fitness person, so I chose to visit a gym, my other friends went to try swimming in a sunny day of our tour, and after all these, we all got a special treatment in the spa center of our hotel. Bangkok is known for its nightlife, its amazing bars, pubs and clubs, and the most stunning casinos. So after the sunset, we went to enjoy one of the most alluring aspects of the city that is Bangkok’s Nightlife.

Day 7: Safari World with Marine Park

Safari world and Marine park Bangkok

The largest park in Thailand, Safari world and Marine Park. The 7th day was fully dominated by various terrestrial animals and mammals. Bangkok’s Safari World is an open zoo where we encountered animals like Cheetah, Lions, Pandas, Tigers, and an animal wearing road-crossing lines, oh I mean… Zebra. Later, we visited the Marine Park, where we were indulged in a short cruise river ride and enjoyed many water slides. It was an amazing and thrilling day to enjoy with friends. After a lovely day, we returned back to our luxury hotel room, and it was our last night of our bangkok-Pattaya Tour.

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Day 8: Bye-Day, Bye Thailand

Ohh! How to express, but really never wanted to say to such a beautiful place in the world. The Day 8th of my Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary was the day to return home and say bye-bye Thailand. We were asked to pack our luggage and gather at the hotel lobby. Our travel representatives were waiting out there to drop us to Bangkok International Airport. And it was now time to board for back home.

I hope you are not bored while exploring the two most prestigious cities in the world. But frankly speaking, it was one of the best tours with my extremely crazy twerps, I ever had in my life till now. The elegance of Pattaya, the magnificence of Bangkok can never strip off my mind. Even I would suggest my readers, it’s a must-visit place, so don’t waste your time and plan your Bangkok Pattaya Tour Itinerary with your loved once.

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