The New Trends for American Travelers [Infographic]

New Trends for American TravelersDiscover the trends that American vacationers have shaped in the last couple of years.

Everything changes gradually with time, such as the method People in the USA vacation. The amount of money is used, the sort of activities which are popular, and the favorite season of travel may differ from generation to generation for a lot of reasons. The following is a snapshot of the previous few years.

Summer season remains the most favored season to travel yet over time, autumn has grown into a preference for all those shopping for discounts and opportunity to steer clear of the crowds of people. Regarding those summer trips, the most recent rate per individual is $1,200 for an average trip cost.

Exercise or keeping active on vacation is also a growing trend. Walking is one among the popular for obvious reasons; we all have to walk to see places. However further choices, for example swimming and hiking are not very far behind.

Have a look at the Infographic to learn what else Americans are doing on their vacation!

Guest Author : Infographic by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.
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