5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals

car rentalsIf a car rental is something you dread about because you think you are unlikely get it on a good deal, then stop fretting! There are several ways to assist you on receiving better pricings on car rentals, not to mention saving money on other costs involved during car rentals.

1. Be smart, shop around

– While it may sound very obvious thing to do, but shopping around looking for the best bargain will often educate on how the rental car’s price varies according to when and where you book. If you are searching for exclusive limo at the best rate, then you want to check out various shops at different locations, or even their rental offices. If you are planning to bring your car from the plane, local airports will also charge extra taxes to car rental offices.

Visit car rental websites as they usually have all the information, reviews, prices, and best bargains for all types of car, making it easier for you to decide which offer would be the best bargain for you.

2. Buy the lowest-priced car meeting your requirements

– Sometimes when you book a car in specific category, but they run out of stock later due to some reasons, the rental agency will often upgrade their customers for the next big class of car just not to disappoint them. This way, you will likely get larger cars without having to pay anything in extra. Likewise, if you use their website, you will likely receive a free upgrade coupon when you join their mailing list or participate in their any of their several customer programs.

3. Be wise about choosing extra insurance

– Many car rentals may offer their customers added car insurance, but which may not be necessary. To know whether you require some coverage for the rental car, read their rental coverage. Even better, visit the car insurance company to know about what exactly your car insurance policy covers.

4. Fill up the gallon before returning it

– If you return the rental car without filling up the fuel up to the level the same amount when you had picked up, then your car agency will likely charge you ridiculous price per gallon just to restock the gas.

So don’t forget to fill up the fuel tank up to the appropriate level before handing them back. If you are travelling to areas outside your city, you may also want to use gas app like Cost2Drive, GasBuddy, or even check out local Yellow Pages to determine the cost of the gas.

5. Return the rental car on-time

– Before you take the car from the rental agency, read the time agreement on the contract that specifies when you should return it back. This way, you will avoid returning the car late. Car companies often impose penalties when their customers return their rentals late.

They are probably counting on you to return their car on time and then rent them to the next person in queue. So, in case you end up arriving late, or think you may be late, then just call the rental office and ask them to make a note about it. While you may still have to pay extra for violating the rules, nonetheless, you may likely avoid many other incurring penalties.

If you are searching for a rental car to drive somewhere, then you might want to be prepared to get them out of the car rental company, on the road, and return them safe and sound, and on-time! Read the 5 smart ways to save money getting a car from a rental office.

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