5 Travel Blogging Platforms to Document Your Adventures


Travel blogging has become a popular thing these days. Whatever platform that maybe, people just love to document their travels and let the whole world know about it. If you’re someone who’d want to start his/her own travel blog, here are some amazing travel blogging platforms which you could use.

1. Track That Travel

Track That Travel just launched in 2017 but it has slowly made a name for itself with its user-friendly platform. It’s 100% free and anyone can create their own profile, get subscribers, link their social media accounts, and just start sharing their travel stories with people all over the world. The platform features a rewards system which will allows users to earn as much as $100/blog.

It also allows you to have your own dashboard where you can keep track of your statistics and manage your blogs. For those newbies who would want to sign up to the platform, don’t worry because it’s not that hard to navigate. Overall, this platform is perfect for people who love to do some casual blogging or for the analytical writer who is trying to build a brand.

2. Photler

Photler is a Poland-based travel blogging platform that just launched in 2017 as well. It’s basically a drag-and-drop website builder but its features are targeted towards the photography community. Anyone can use it but the main purpose of this platform is for photographers to store and sell their work.

Users can have a custom domain of their own and design their travel blog with the platform’s pre-existing website templates. You will also be given access to your own dashboard and analytical tools. However, users will need to pay for a monthly subscription after a 14-day free trial for their three plans. The platform is not really recommended for casual bloggers but it’s for people who want to scale their blogging career.

3. Atameo

Atameo works like a social media/travel blogging platform. It features the timeline layout for its user profiles where you’d be able to link your trips and blogs with one another. For example, if you’re traveling to another country, you can instantly update your profile of the routes you took, insert photos, attach music, upload videos, and write descriptions for it.

It’s also free so it’s a good platform for travelers who just want to document their adventures and keep an online journal. However, it does not have an analytics tab where you can keep track of your readers and visitors.

4. IQ Planner

This travel blogging platform literally works like a planner. As a user, you’ll be able to create itineraries that include details about your travels such as the airports, restaurants, hotels, and other places that you’ve been during the course of your trip. Your travels will be laid out in a timeline where you can also attach descriptions and pictures to it. It works like Atameo but just without videos and music.

IQ Planner offers monetization opportunities for users because it also doubles as a travel booking site. Basically, people can book through the itineraries that a user will make and that user will earn up to 70% commission from it. You won’t have an analytics dashboard but it’s 100% free and it’s good for people who’d love to make some extra cash being an affiliate.

5. Travelbook

Travelbook is still in beta stage but it works like a social media platform where you can add friends and comment on their travels. It also works as a booking site where people can book a trip through the stories that you will create. It’s 100% free and user-friendly but the only catch is that you can’t create blogs on it.

The only thing that you can do on the site is upload pictures and videos. It’s not really a travel blogging platform but it’s more like an online gallery for your adventures.

Well, have you made up your mind now? If you want to start blogging about your travels, just pick one platform and share your stories with the rest of the world.

About Author: Jestan Mendame is a digital marketer/freelance travel blogger. He spends most of his time learning new strategies on how to help his clients but at the same time, he loves to write about his travels. As of now, his goal is to explore South East Asia and experience the region’s diverse culture.

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