Travel Trends in the UK: Top Foods and Items for Travel

travel trends in UK, infographic

As snowstorms hit the UK, Brits are planning their vacations to exotic tropical destinations. This seems to be the best time to get away from the cold as Valentine’s Day approaches. Though, you would be surprised to learn that loved ones are not the only thing Brits are taking with them to the holidays. Brits love their food, and they are bringing them along for the ride. According to research conducted by the Oliver’s Travels,, here are the top foods that the Brits pick as their travel companions.

Top Items in the Brit’s Suitcases

The survey inquired two-thousand UK adults about their habits of packing the essentials for the holidays. The results concluded that more than half (52 percent) of the vacationers are inclined towards taking British food items with them along with other necessities. According to polls conducted by the extraordinary travel planners; Oliver’s Travels, show the reason is that 40% of the people thought that food items overseas just don’t taste the same.

Top Beverages:

It might not come as a total surprise though, but the top item to go into the Brit’s suitcase is tea. Maybe the stereotype is correct after all, as 37 percent of the people confessed to being guilty of the habit of bringing their own tea. While 47 percent were in agreement that foreign tea is just not as rich for their taste buds. Now, not every Brit takes tea as the preferred beverage. Twenty-three percent of the Britons preferred to grab coffee with them. While custard creams and digestives had a vote from 16% of the people. This is by far the most Anglophilic results we have seen from any research covered.

Top Foods:

Consequentially, tea is not the only thing Brits cannot live without. The results reveal that Britons are addicted to their cereals as well. About 9 percent of the people told that they would pack their favorite cereal with them for the holidays. Not only that, but Marmite and British cheese were also voted by 8% as a tag along. Well, as far as now, you may be thinking that maybe the Brits do not love baked beans as the stereotype suggests. Guess what, seven percent of the brits are going to take baked beans with them on their next vacation.

Top Items:

Now, this does not mean at all that brits fill the suitcases with just food and beverages. The top item to go into the bags are slippers. Twenty-two percent of the people are planning to pack their slippers with them, and most of them are 24-35-year-old. Other than that, one in every twenty says that they will bring their own toilet roll with them. While 9% voted for packing their own pillows.

Furthermore, the warmest of all the items on the list, 7% chose to bring a picture of their family along. Is it not the sweetest thing to pack?

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