Where to Enjoy Romantic Moment in Germany

After spending months on wedding planning, here comes the actual task for a groom to plan for the first vacation as a couple. Yes! The plan for your honeymoon is something you must have spent more time thinking about. Well, let us face it, we all do that. We all desire to spend that quality time with our loved one alone, in peace. No relatives or friends to become a hurdle in that romantic moment is what honeymoon is all about. So, the destination must be mesmerizing enough to make it memorable.

Romantic Road Rothenburg Germany to Austria

For a new romantic journey of life Germany is said to be the best destination, as there is a lot that fascinates newlyweds. You can begin your journey from one of the most popular and tempting capital of the country, Berlin. Whereby, Berlin is one of the most fascinating capitals in Europe. Then head towards Cologne from Berlin airport by catching a flight to Cologne. Cologne is a city that possesses colorful art scene and which is home to more than thirty museums and hundreds of art galleries to visit.

Well, that is not it! You can have an access to various other cities by catching a flight from Cologne Bonn airport. Whereby, many of Germany’s other major cities have proud history as independent city, states or as capital. Whether you are looking for some nature’s beauty or you want to explore the history of every city, you can experience all by simply planning for it in a right. Some of the most popular tourist spots that you can take your queen to be:

1. Romantic Rhine: This is one of the most popular sections of Rhine. The river running between Koblenz to Bingen. You can experience that many of the towns in the bank of this river retain a historic feel.

2. Rugen Cliffs: On your way to the next tourist destination in Germany you must visit Rugen Cliffs that is    located in Jasmund National park in the North east of Rugen Island. Where you may experience extreme  peace of eternity in nature’s lap.

3. During such a delightful vacation how can you miss to visit The Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) which is situated in Dresden? This Church holds a deep history and a beauty in itself that invites various tourists and newlyweds for a glance.

4. While exploring the history of the country how can we forget to talk about the historic city Lindau. The beauty of this city is its location. It is situated near the meeting point of the Austrain, German and the Swiss borders in the eastern part of Lake Constance (Bodensee).

Well, it again does not stop here. There is a lot that you may explore in this country. However, you must be wondering about the best time to plan for honeymoon in Germany. Well, if asked, I would suggest you the season of fall.

I and my beloved celebrated our honeymoon during the most romantic seasons of Germany; the fall season. Fall is a great time to visit German, especially for honeymoon. This is the time when the summer crowed is back home, as the temperature falls down, local wine festivals are in full swing. On the other hand it is the best season to plan for honeymoon in Germany, as the airfares and hotel rates also fall. Well, do remember to carry your umbrella so as to protect your beautiful wife from rain. Or get drenched in the rain of love, as during this season the weather get wetter than any other in Germany.

Now, while you are beginning your new life together, if you want the surrounding to fit for a king then spend your honeymoon in one of the sightseeing hotels; Bavaria. You may enjoy the sight from the window of the hotel room and spend quality time with each other in peace. Yes! Just you and your beloved in that romantic place would add on to the album of your memories. Get your tickets booked for flights to Cologne, Berlin and all other places in advance to enjoy the economical freedom during your journey.

Honeymoon is one of those quality times spent with your loved one that you cherish for lifetime. Hence, choice of honeymoon destination is what matters the most. And Germany can be one of the best choices you would ever make. So, pack your bags and plan well about your memorable moment of life time in Germany.

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