Family Fun In Dubai Along With Awesome Beaches

Dubai’s southeastern shore is covered with a ribbon of fine white sand surrounded by the deep ocean. It is the land of breath taking and excellent aquatic activities almost year around. In spite the extreme heat, the city has much to offer its visitors. The awesome beauty of the beaches provides a tremendous variety of activities to enjoy and making the city into a travel and leisure hot spot. The city beside the tall buildings surrounded by smooth and fantastic fine sand while the aquatic activities are the main characteristic of this city.

Here are few water activities for your information that might help you in getting the best when you are in the city.

Beach Parks

Almost all the seashores in the city have beach parks for adults and especially for kids. A variety of fun and entertainments are available in these parks. Children can play, swim and even eat the food of their choice in the food shops. However these seashores
can be harmful for the children as due to the severe hot days when the sun gets too warm, the sensitive skin of the children can be damaged. But by covering the skin and by taking a lot of water your beach park trip can be safe trip for your child.

Be With Family

Your Dubai trip can be the beat when you are with family. While its beaches offer much better family features. With a little fee, recreational places offer seaside sun mattresses and many other aquatic activities. Beside every beach in the city there are lawns, plants, bars, BBQ spots, bathrooms, rooms to change clothes and kid’s play area. This is the side that is liked by almost everyone and remain more busy during the weekend, as most of the people come here to spend a day in the clean air.

Boating In The Deep Water

In spite of a warm day, on the water there is a fantastic way to simply rest and try some fishing in the deep waters of Dubai. Similarly if you want to get away from the city life for a while then you can also hire a luxury yacht in Dubai with your family to enjoy a tremendous family trip on Dubai waters. The soothing effect of the water, refreshing air and colorful different size and shape seafood attract your attention on the way. This is all so amazing that you could not keep yourself away from its charm with your whole family.

Diving And Snorkeling


Diving in Dubai in the natural water along with turtles, octopus and other sea creatures definitely add more charm in your fun. This can be a very unique experience of your life to discover the deep ocean along all its beauty and charm. The best scuba diving place in the area is Musandam in Omani rich waters, but this includes a full day’s journey from Dubai by vessel to travel, jump, and then come back at night. It’s a well-known option with scuba diving divers who want to merge in the excellent underwater experience of Oman.

Although Dubai has much more for you and your family but its waters have special features to offer. You can avail the best daytime journey on the yacht rental in Dubai, an evening water trip on dhow cruise and a fishing trip along with cruising. A variety of water activities are also there to get involve so you can choose any one according to your mood.

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