Complete Travel Guide to Telluride, Colorado on a Motorcycle

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If you live in Colorado or anywhere near Colorado State, there is a high chance that Telluride is already on your travel list. Famous for scenic views and breathtaking mountains, Colorado is mostly known among adventure enthusiasts just for traveling. However, once you start discovering Colorado as a holiday destination you will see that it’s much more than just the view. It offers some of the best recreational and educational facilities for people who like to travel. Colorado is known for its influential beer culture, food joints, trout fishing, unique National Parks, sunny weather, the largest hot springs swimming pool, the highest paved road, the highest town, the best ski facility, and much more. In short, it offers something for everyone from kids seeking recreational activities to older people looking for some good liquor.

What Sets Telluride Apart From the Rest of the Destinations in Colorado?

When it comes to Telluride, most people just think about the alpine skiing facility that attracts people who like snow adventures. However, this is not the only outdoor activity that you will get to enjoy when you visit Telluride, the options for activities are endless. You will see people celebrating the four seasons because for every season there is a new opportunity that awaits. You will get all kinds of adventure opportunities in the Rocky Mountain high country. Tucked into the canyon, you will find telluride surrounded by high peaks that are almost 14000 feet high. Since it plays a very important role in the history of America, you will see so many national historic landmarks in this district as well.

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Apart from this, you will see Victorian homes that are very colorful. If you have an interest in Victorian architecture, this is the place that must be on your travel list. Apart from the architecture, you will get to see some of the best restaurants offering mouthwatering food. The town is also filled with luxury hotels, boutiques, art galleries, and much more. In short, this town offers adventure with a mix of luxury and a historical feel.

Top 5 places to visit for Telluride, Colorado on a motorcycle

Ophir Pass

Ophir Pass, Telluride, USA

This pass is known to be one of the easiest non-paved mountain roads. So if you have a knack for an off-road experience, this might become your favorite destination. However, if you are a beginner, this might not be the best for you. For traveling here you must choose a good motorcycle that has well-grown clearance to enjoy a comfortable ride. Once you reach the 10 miles pass that connects the Telluride and Silverton, you get to enjoy the view of Lizard Head as well as the red-drenched peaks of Red Mountain Pass.

San Juan Skyway

San Juans has a 236-mile-long loop that passes via Telluride, Durango, and Silverton. This will offer you a ride through the stunning mountain landscape. Apart from this, if you take the million-dollar highway that connects the Ouray to Silverton you will get to experience the best view of the avalanche and there is no guarding on each side this means that you get to travel with no blockage or side cover for almost 1000 foot freefall. This can be a little dangerous if you are a beginner which is the reason most people like to travel with a group and adjust the route accordingly.

San Miguel River Trail

The San Miguel River Trail is known for its extreme beauty. Most people like the idea of hiking which is the reason trail is known for group hiking. However, to reach where you need to take your motorcycle and then you can enjoy hiking on foot.

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Black Bear Pass

Black Bear Pass, Telluride, USA

This has to be the most challenging place to ride your motorcycle. This route is pretty challenging and it is not for the beginner or weak-hearted people. This route is very challenging and if you are inexperienced, this might become an issue. Apart from this, it is pretty steep, and overall, the length of the highway is around 5.5 miles. You can then take the route for the Ingram basin that will lead you to Ingram Lake and then to the Black Bear Mine.

Bear Creek Falls

This is the hiking trail near Telluride and it is one of the most popular hiking spots on our list. To reach here you will start from downtown and this will lead you to southern pine street. There is a dirt road as well where you will get to meet a lot of mountain bikers. The overall bear creek spreads across 325 acres.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, although Colorado is known for 365 days of sunshine but based on the place you visit, you might find different things as well. Most people know Colorado as the best ski place whereas, others know it for its rich architecture, good food, and some fun activities. In short, this place offers something for everyone so you can plan your trip and the place you want to visit accordingly.

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