How to Make the Most of Your Weekend in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Spending a weekend trip to Puerto Rico is not that difficult. Even if you just spend three days there, you can still do a lot of things. All you need is a reliable map and some sunblock to protect you from the sunny climate. Also, you may want to wear some really comfortable footwear. Sandals or flip-flops will allow you to walk around comfortably while you’re exploring the towns or the seaside attractions.

When planning for your trip, invite your good friends if they want to join you so you’ll have others to share your experiences with. It would be a lot of fun that way. Nevertheless, it isn’t too bad to travel alone either. You can meet new people and make new friends along the way. That’s also enjoyable. Traveling is full of surprises so just be open to whatever may come your way.

So, get your schedule in order and leave your work for now because you know you badly need a break. Make sure you look for the best virtual assistant services to help you out with your tasks so you can finally head off to Puerto Rico for some good and well-deserved fun! Read along to find out some of the things that you can do while you’re there.

3-Day Itinerary for a Puerto Rico Trip

With three days in Puerto Rico, you can already do plenty of things and explore different regions. You can start off by going to Old San Juan. It is the historic and cultural center of Puerto Rico. There, you can visit a lot of museums, shops, galleries, and restaurants for when you need a good meal.

Make sure that you make the most of your time. You can do this by going with a group on a walking tour. For lunch, you have plenty of choices such as the Parrot Club situated in Fortaleza Street. It has excellent food and great service. If you want a taste of authentic Puerto Rican food, make sure to visit Fonda del Jibarito which is on Sol Street.

Day 1: Art, Food, and Night Life

San Juan, Puerto Rico

For day one, you can end your day shopping for souvenirs at the many arts and crafts shops. The galleries and museums are plentiful so you can also your first day learning about the local art scene in Puerto Rico. You can relax and just appreciate the local crafts.

Then at night, when you’re not exhausted from all the sight-seeing yet, you can still do a lot of things. For those who want to have a good time, there are lively bars in San Juan. The night scene is exciting and you can get to meet new people and even make friends. Enjoy a few drinks and have a great conversation with the locals. They’re absolutely a great crowd.

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Day 2: Hike, Trek, Swim

When you’ve rested, wake up to a new day and get ready for a new adventure. If you’re a nature-lover, you’ll certainly love day two of this itinerary. You can explore Puerto Rico’s magnificent beaches and tropical rainforests. Make it a point to visit the El Yunque National Rainforest.

You can rent a car or go on a guided tour, whichever suits you best. On the way to your destination, you can stop by Palmer. It’s a wonderful town. Visit the Palmer Bakery and get some sandwiches to snack on. You can also spend this time to talk to fellow travelers and have a nice chat with them.

Once you’ve reached El Yunque, get maps for your trekking adventure. Head on to La Mina Falls where you can experience its pristine waters. This will surely relax you from all the walking and hiking. If you really want to experience the beach, head on to the Luquillo Beach during day two if you still have time. It’s absolutely picturesque with its palm tree-lined beaches. You won’t regret going there for sure.

Day 3: Relax, Eat, Shop

By now, you’ve seen a lot of things and experienced so many beautiful wonders of Puerto Rico. You can spend day three for more relaxing activities. For example, head on to the coast at daybreak and catch the sunrise. You can then have a good breakfast at one of the local restaurants.

For lunch, go to La Casita Blanca for some hearty Puerto Rican home-cooked meals. You may also want to visit Ceviche House situated in Isla Verde. They’re famous for serving local specialties. It would be a great way to get to know Puerto Rican cuisine. You’ll certainly love the food and the kind people who’ll be happy to make sure that you’re absolutely satisfied.

Since this is your last day, it would be nice to visit the shops and get some last-minute shopping done. Maybe you’ve missed out some things; this is your chance to make your purchase. Visit Fortaleza and Cristo Streets as well as Ashford Avenue. There are plenty of shops there with a lot of elegant stuff like jewelry and luxury products if that’s what you’re into.


Now you have a guide for your 3-day Puerto Rico trip. There are other things that you can do while you’re there. Sometimes, you don’t have to plan too much. You’ll just discover things on your own and you’ll love the many surprises that Puerto Rico has to offer. So, be sure to be open to spontaneous activities. You’ll get to know the place better that way.

Also, don’t be afraid to try the local stuff such as the food, the drinks, and the other things that the locals love. Take the time to talk to the warm people of Puerto Rico so you can experience their wonderful culture. If you’re hesitant to see the different places in Puerto Rico by yourself, you can always go on a guided tour so you’ll feel much safer and won’t have to worry about getting lost.

There are many ways to spend 3 days in Puerto Rico. What you have to remember is to make the most of every moment while you’re there. So, what are you waiting for? Get your calendar and schedule your trip!

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