Top 5 Caribbean Beach Destinations

During my lifetime I have been lucky enough to go on many cruise holidays. This means I got to visit a lot of beaches and a lot of towns and cities. Having recently been on a cruise around the Caribbean I thought I was only appropriate to tell you which, in my opinion, are the best beaches that you can go to within the Caribbean.

My favourite beaches are:

Trunk Bay (St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands)

Trunk Bay this beach I have come back to again and again ever since I was a small child, it is the ultimate beach in my opinion. It has excellent clear blue waters and the white fluffy sand just looks magnificent. If you don’t know what it looks like then just imagine the perfect Caribbean beach and hey presto, that’s trunk bay. I always remember trying to swim to the rock islands in the middle of the bay, unsuccessfully of course but it’s always been a memory of mine.

Orient bay (St.Martin)

– this is the best family welcoming beach I have ever been to hands down. The staff in all the restaurants and cafes nearby are extremely friendly, there are tons of activities depending on what time you go, when I went there was volleyball, kayaking and many other sports available to do. With beautiful clear waters which you would expect in the Caribbean this beach is awesome. There was tons of wind surfing and kite surfing going on as well, which if I hadn’t hurt my leg at the time I would have tried in an instance.

Pink sands (harbour island)

Pink sand beachthis is arguably the most beautiful beach in the world. If you get here at just the right time when the suns setting then the sand makes everything appear a salmon pinky colour and I must say it’s so beautiful. Make sure you take your girlfriend or boyfriend to here it’s utterly romantic, it definitely is soothing to the eye. With bonuses of safe snorkelling, pristine clear water and even sheltered swimming, this beach definitely deserved a spot on my top 5.

Plum bay (St marten)

– this one Is a bit of a secret, every time that I have been to this beach there has been hardly anyone here. I call it my little bit of paradise. It’s a perfectly tranquil and peaceful location with beautiful clear water and white sandy beaches, what more can you ask for? Just grab a coconut drink and just chill on the beach, its bliss.

Magens bay beach (St. Thomas)

– although this beach can be quite busy, it’s also one of the most scenic.  If you get the chance then definitely go snorkelling here, you will see many different fish and turtles etc. and there is an assortment of bright and colourful sea plants and coral. At dusk this bay looks awesome, the trees around it make the water reflect green and it is stunning.

All of these beaches are a must visit if you ever find yourself in that part of the world, each of which gave me a feeling inside that I cannot describe. Visiting these places on a cruise is also essential, you get to see more of them. Watch out for tiger sharks and have fun!

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