Sights To See In Calais, Northern France

The small town of Calais is located in northern France, popular amongst many in southern England to jump on a ferry to France.  Often seen as a way into France before heading to bigger cities such as Paris and Lille, there is enough in Calais to keep one occupied for a full day.  Here are lists of things to do in a day’s trip to Calais:

Calais Town Hall

Situated in the centre of town, the Calais Town Hall is the largest and most-impressive attraction to view.  The building boasts wonderful architecture and an elegant clock tower that can be seen from various parts across town.  Artwork is on display in the front garden throughout the year.  The photo below is an example of artwork by Laurence Jenkell that was on display during a recent visit:

artwork by Laurence-Jenkell

Parc Richelieu

A minute or two’s walk from the Town Hall, over the Jacquard Bridge lies Parc Richelieu.  This small, beautiful park offers a perfect location for relaxation during a warm summer’s day in Calais.  At the entrance you are greeted by the Calais War Memorial statue and 5 French flags.  Inside there is a water fountain and plenty of scenery to take in.

Fine Arts and Lace Museum

The Fine Arts and Lace Museum is adjacent to Parc Richelieu and hosts work from Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso and Jean Dubuffet.  One of the most fascinating items inside is the insight into how Rodin’s Six Burghers bronze masterpiece came about.  There is a €3 entrance fee for adults.

War Museum

Based in the Parc St Pierre, which is opposite the Town Hall, is the Calais War Museum.  Offering insights into World War II, this museum hosts 20 rooms displaying objects and photographs depicting the war and a series of interactive displays.  There is an entrance fee of €6 for adults.

Calais Lighthouse

Close by to the ferry terminal at the opposite end of town is the Lighthouse of Calais.  The tall Lighthouse has 271 steps for a view across town and the Channel and can be climbed for a small €2.50 entrance fee.

Calais Lighthouse

Fort Risban

A short walk from the Lighthouse and along the coastline is Fort Risban.  Or at least what remains of the fort.  Edward III of England’s army attacked the city and fort back in 1346, adding to the history of Calais.  There are two monuments located close to the fort.


This French town plays host to several monuments and statues.  These include Rodin’s famous Six Burghers of Calais located in front of the Town Hall, a statue dedicated to Airman Gilbert Brazy, the Pluvoise Monument, a column dedicated to S. M. Louis XVIII and a War Memorial amongst others.

Gilbert Brazy

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