8 Best Sides to Eat with Steak, from Classic to Bold

There’s no questioning the fact that steak is a treat whether it’s a budget-friendly one intended for a family to enjoy, or a special at a 5-star hotel restaurant. There’s just something about eating well-prepared meat that automatically makes you feel like you are being good to yourself.

Steak is always prepared according to your preference, and whatever your preferred preparation may be, adding to the joy of having steak for a meal are the sides.

When you are tackling a huge slab of steak, you want to have sides that can cleanse and refresh your palate as well as neutralize or enhance the richness of the meat.

When it comes to sides, you have a vast selection to choose from. You have the traditional options and the innovative ones that a lot of chefs are now bringing forth. If you are looking to mix your steak experience up, one of the best ways to do that is to experiment with the sides.

If you need some ideas on the unquestionably good sides to eat with steak, rounded up below are four classic options and four bold options.

Classic Sides

1. Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

If you’re looking for the most comforting side for a steak, this is the best choice. Nothing neutralizes the juiciness of a steak better than the creamy, garlicky goodness of mashed potatoes, and the crunch of green beans.

Also, if you’re introducing steak to young children, they surely will enjoy this side dish.

2. Roasted Baby Potatoes with Rosemary

steaks with roasted rosemary potatoes

Rosemary really gives a new flavor to potatoes, making them an even more delightful partner for steak. But unlike mashed potatoes, roasted baby potatoes have a bit of a crispy skin, which gives the potatoes a slightly gritty texture when eaten whole.

And the rosemary? It diminishes the tendency of steak to taste a tad greasy. You’ll definitely enjoy your steak more by having a side with this special herb.

3. Roasted Corn

This is a popular comforting side for grilled steak. It is gritty, often sweet, crunchy to the bite, and a good source of carbs.

4. Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions

This side is very simple and provides the steak meal a touch of earthiness to it, which a lot of people love. Sautéed mushrooms and onions also go well with steaks that come with gravy.

Bold Sides

1. Bourbon Glazed Carrots

bourbon glazed carrots with steak

When this side is done right, it’s simply heavenly and it wonderfully complements steak that was dried first. Most people will not eat carrots on their own volition but bourbon-glazed carrots using high-quality whiskey never fail to turn carrot-haters into fans.

2. Dipping Salts

Different types of salt as sides are quite a trend among hip restaurants. Nothing else is served with the steak apart from a selection of dipping salts.

Dipping salts possess this magical ability to transform the natural flavor of steak and redirect attention back to the quality of the meat.

3. Twice Baked Potato with Lobster

A steak is already a heavy treat but foodies do not mind that at all and would actually want to pair it with something just as succulent such as a twice baked potato with lobster.

Most people will say that lobster is the prime steak of the sea so it just makes perfect sense to serve it as an ingredient for a side to steak. This is the kind of side dish that seems wrong but completely feels and tastes right.

4. Watermelon Salad

Most people do not think that a fruit would be a good partner for steak, but watermelon certainly is proving them wrong. The lightness and refreshing quality of the watermelon goes perfectly well with the heaviness of the meat.

Plus, when the watermelon is seasoned properly, it easily takes on a new flavor, complementing the other ingredients of the salad. It can really bring forward the peppery taste of arugula, and the sweet buttery yumminess of roasted nuts.

Serve chilled on the side of the steak and you get a refreshing meal.

So, are you ready to take your steak experience to a whole new level? Sample these sides when you take the family out for a steak dinner. Who knows, you may just discover your all-time favorite side for your occasional steak treat.

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