6 Famous Surf Spots in Australia and Their History Beyond the Waves

Tourists look for adventures whenever they visit a place, and so as locals of certain place. Bringing home great experiences and fun memories is on their checklist. Truth be told, one of the things that attract tourists are the beaches present in a country. Yes, people love soaking themselves in water and getting their sun-kissed skin but aside from swimming, another fun activity they look forward to is surfing!

Countries all over the world have amazing surfing opportunities, and one of the world’s leading and first surfing destinations is Australia. Surfing is already part of Australians’ culture and lifestyle, and definitely they give much attention to this gem that they have.

If you’re a tourist in Australia or a local who wants to unravel great tourist spots and surf destinations, this piece is a must-read — not because it’ll give you directions, rates and wave movements, but because it will let you know the importance and the background of these surf spots.


angourie surf break Yamba, Australia

Angourie is a treasured spot not only because of its beauty but also because of its historical importance. For many generations, it has been a significant meeting point for Yaegl people — they were the first people in New South Wales to win the entitlement of sea rights.

It is a famous surf break in Yamba, north coast of NSW. In 2007, it was declared as the first National Surfing Reserves in the state. The surfing legend Nat Young is Angourie’s pride in the surfing industry being a local of the place. He is famous most especially to surfers all over the world.

Marine beauty is also showcased and taken good care of in Angourie. There are octopuses, sea urchins, crabs and sea cucumbers living in the stony reefs of its point. There are various kinds of fish and other marine plants and creatures which people can witness and interact with. Also, there are restaurants and accommodation services near it where guests can also have fun and relax.


crescent head surfing spot Austalia

A beach-side community, Crescent Head offers excellent and renowned surf sites in the country. It hosts amazing beaches and reef breaks. Within the area, there are affordable accommodation rates for houses, villas, units and hostels where guests can stay and keep their belongings.

The native surfing culture vibe which existed in Crescent Head in the earlier years is still felt and embodied today by surfing natives. Due to its exceptional relevance to the surfing culture in Australia, Crescent Head was proclaimed as the fourth National Surfing Reserve in the country in 2008.


Killalea highly cherishes animal and plant life. It shelters The Farm and Mystic Beaches. “The Farm” is the name since the pathway to the beach is a farm. On the other hand, the name “Mystics” was given because mist from the sea coincided with the land fog producing a mystical surfing point when it was first discovered. 2009 was the year when Killalea was announced as a National Surfing Reserve.


Included in the top ten out of more than ten thousand beaches in Australia, Lennox Head is definitely legendary and astonishing because of its powerful waves. It has been redeveloped recently resulting from modern demands and businesses. There are luxurious diners and saloons in town. Blue green algae blossom in the lake as summer approaches and becomes hotter.

For beginners, Lennox Head might be an overwhelming surf spot because heaps of local surfers, who are most likely first-rate surfers, are usually present. Lennox Head became a National Surfing Reserve in 2008, the third and largest among all in the current list.


Cronulla has astounding surf breaks and sand stretches enthralling tourists as well as locals. Its prestige shone further and reached more ears due to the new trend of body surfing.

A unique facet of Cronulla that highlights it among the others is the establishment of Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club which was formed due to a death by drowning in the site in 1908. This club was born to supervise and maintain the public’s safety while surfing. In 2008, Cronulla was pronounced as a National Surfing Reserve.


Manly definitely forms a huge part of the surfing culture and history in Australia being the the birthplace of surfing in the country. It has surfing in its core with more than a hundred years of legacy. Many firsts in the surfing history have happened in Manly such as the first body surfing, first surf club and first surf boat.

Manly was named as a National Surfing Reserve in 2010. It is said to be among the most popular and outstanding beaches in the entire country ever since.

Above are just six among the numerous surf spots in Australia. Being part of its culture, surfing has always been highly regarded by Australians that’s why it’s very important for them to value these surf spots primarily not because of the financial profits but because of its historical pertinence.

Aside from it is important, it’s also favorable and heart-warming to light on the bygone days of these surf spots. It will aid you to better understand and appreciate these spots of extreme beauty and breathtaking nature in Australia and also anywhere in the globe.

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