The Best coffee Shops in Strasbourg

You want to travel in Europe and you notice that everybody is talking about Strasbourg, whether about its famous Christmas market or because a huge event is happening in the European Parliament. So, of course, you feel like visiting this beautiful french city and you settle in the first hotel you found online. You walk around for a while, admiring the unique architectural style and climbing to the top of the Cathedral. As you go, you start to get tired, you want to take a break and have a good coffee but you have no idea where to stop… Fear no more, I’m going to give you the best coffee shops Strasbourg has to offer!

What The Cake ?

what a cake Strasbourg

Definitely my favorite place to go when I’m craving a coffee and something sweet to eat. Many of you may feel a strong “hipster vibe” walking into it, from the bartenders to the cozy furniture, but don’t run away. It’s the perfect place to relax. Everything is homemade and some of their products are even vegan. If you’re looking for the best cheesecake or cupcake in the city, you have to eat there. And if What the Cake is full, you can always take your order to go and enjoy it a few meters away near the river!

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Oh My Goodness

Oh My Goodness Strasbourg

You’re looking for a coffee, a tea or even an ice tea? Search no more, Oh my goodness has everything you desire and more! Managed by a team of volunteers, this coffee shop wants to prove you can have a functioning business and at the same time create a special bond with customers. The inside is very welcoming with brightly colored floor and walls, every piece of furniture is different and it brings a certain style to this café. No doubt you will be leaving the place thinking “OMG”.

Café Bretelles

Café Bretelles Strasbourg

There are actually two Café Bretelles in Strasbourg, one located in “La Petite France” and the other one in “Krutenau”. The first one is usually less frequented, but they are both equally good. I prefer this one as it is smaller, the staff is very nice and you can even work there and charge your laptop at the tables. You can enjoy any hot or cold beverage and some snacks, most of my friends from university go there and swear their homemade Twix bars are the best thing in the world. If you want to be seated outside and bath in the sun, I’d recommend the one in “Krutenau” but if you’re looking for a calmer place then “La Petite France” is where you want to go.

La Popartiserie

PopArtiserie Strasbourg

La Popartiserie is not your usual coffee shop, as it is primarily an art gallery, but it’s one of the most popular galleries to visit if you’re into art and pop culture. Don´t worry, you don’t have to buy anything in the gallery, but I would advise visiting it and enjoying a beverage in the exhibition room. It’s very nice and a totally out of the box way to take your afternoon coffee. You will notice, that the place is a small bar for art amateurs, so don’t expect too much variety from it, as your order may just be restricted to a simple coffee.

Café Berlin

Located in “Austerlitz Place”, this coffee shop is next to many others and sometimes it’s hard to know which one to choose. This may not be your favorite coffee shop at the whole Place, but to each their own and for me Café Berlin is a very nice establishment. Open until midnight, with a big patio to enjoy some fresh air, the place is usually crowded on tuesdays for their “language and cultural exchange” night. So fear not, non-French speakers, you are very welcome here. You can order a coffee, a beer, some cake or even a planchette (basically a lot of ham and cheese on a plate).


AntiCafé is the new hype place everybody’s talking about, like its name would suggest this coffee shop has its own unique policy. Surprisingly you won’t pay for your orders but instead pay for the time spent in the coffee shop, starting at 5€ per hours. AntiCafé targets people who are looking for a place to work while enjoying their daily dose of caffeine, they even provide some snacks for the most desperate of us! So if you need to update your blog and post new pictures of Strasbourg online, Anticafé will give you Wifi and unlimited coffee four hours.

Of course there’s a lot more coffee shops or restaurants in Strasbourg to enjoy a nice cup of coffee! Most of them are located in La Petite France, Place Saint-Etienne, Place Gutenberg or Place Austerlitz. Everyone has a different taste and different criteria to consider in order to decide which their favorite place is, you may not like those coffee shops or be there on a bad day. Those are the café I go to the most and enjoyed grabbing a bite while taking a break and I would recommend them all to new visitors. The price range is usually the same, around 2 or 3€ for a coffee and up to 4€ in general for something to eat, and don’t worry, every establishment accept credit cards.

Photos are taken either from the official website or the Facebook page of the coffee shop, otherwise it’s from links display in the article.

Guest Author : Hello I’m Steven, a french student living in Strasbourg with a tendency to drink too much coffee and eat cheesecake whenever I can. I’m currently working for, a website providing city guide. You can follow me on Twitter for more articles.
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