Top 10 Places to visit in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a state of India and came to existence on 15 November 2000. The name Jharkhand is made up with two words, “Jhar” and “Khand”. The word Jhar relates to forest or bush and the word Khand means a piece of land. Jharkhand is enriched with breathtaking natural beauty and most of its land is covered with moist deciduous forest.

Today in this post we are going to discuss its capital Ranchi and top 10 places to visit in Ranchi. Ranchi is a great place to explore and this place has an abundance of tourist’s attraction. Make sure to buy the right travel gear from the top UK stores and you are all set to explore Ranchi.

Best time to visit Ranchi:

The best time to visit Ranchi is between September to March. During this time the temperature is low and the weather is comparatively pleasant. Ranchi is called the “city of waterfalls” and at this times the beauty of the nearby waterfalls at its peak.

How to visit Ranchi:

By Air – Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest airport and has direct flights from many cities of India such as Patna, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai etc.

By Road – Ranchi is connected with National Highways and you can visit this place through many private luxury buses or through the buses operated by Jharkhand Transport Corporation.

By Train – The Ranchi railway station is connected with most of the Indian cities including Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc.

Let’s begin this list of top 10 places to visit in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

1.Panch Gagh Falls

Panch means five and according to its name this waterfall provides an awesome view of five streams in a row. This place lies on Ranchi Chakradharpur road and situated at about a distance of 55 KM from Ranchi.

Not only is the waterfall the nearby area also enriched with fantastic natural beauty. Panch Gagh Fall is 6 KM away from the scenic Khunti village and it is one of the most favorite tourist destinations of the people of Ranchi.

How to visit Panch Gagh:

You can visit this place by bus or by booking an auto rickshaw. If you are looking for cheap fares then you must go on the bus but for better convenience auto rickshaws are best.

2.Birsa Zoological Park

birsa zoological park, Jharkhand

One of the top tourist hotspots of Ranchi, Birsa Zoological Park is just 16 KM far from the Ranchi city. Birsa Zoological Park is also known as Birsa Munda Jaivik Udyan is one of the top-ranked and most beautiful zoos of India.

It covers an area of almost 104 hectares and home to many species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. This place has its own unique habitat and is the best place to spend time with your family and loved ones.

The Birsa Zoological Park has many water bodies which makes you feel that you have entered into a dense wild forest. The National Highway divides this park into two parts, the larger area is home to many animals and birds and the smaller one is a botanical section.

There are many animals found in this Zoological Park such as lion, tiger, fox, wild cats, hyena, monkeys, barking deer, elephants, bears and many more. Here you can also see a wide range of birds including peacock, ostrich, emu, parrots, owls, eagles, cranes etc.

How to visit this place:

You can visit this place by hiring a cab, taxi or auto-rickshaw. You can also book OLA cabs to visit this place.

3.Patratu Valley and Dam

This place has gained splendid popularity in a very short time period. This place has almost every element to attract visitors, from valleys to forests and huge water bodies to untouched natural beauty.

Just forty kilometers away from the main city this destination will be great for a bike ride. The curved valleys, swooping corners, and sharp bends will make your journey enough thrilling and exciting at the same time.

At the end of the valley, there is Patratu Dam one of the largest dams of Jharkhand. Just walk along the sideways of this dam or take a boat ride and trust me the fares are much cheaper.

How to visit this place:

A two-wheeler will be a perfect vehicle to explore this place. You can visit this place by booking a cab or hiring an auto rickshaw from the city center.

4.Jonha Fall

jonha fall Jharkhand

This fall is also known as “Gautamdhara” because this place was influenced with Buddhist activities in the ancient times. A Buddhist Shrine, a temple, and ashram are situated nearby.

Jonha Fall is one of the top picnic spots for the locals and this place is hugely crowded from December to February. During this time thousands of people visit this place to celebrate New Year.

The nearby area is a nature reserve and surrounded by the green forest canopy. You have to go through more than 700 stairs to reach the base of the fall. A local fair also held here on every Tuesday and Thursday.

Avoid vesting this place during the rainy season, at this time the water currents are very powerful and many accidents have occurred before.

How to reach this place:

This tourist hotspot is well connected with both road and railway. Just 40 KMs far from the city center this place can be the best place to spend a whole day away from the city rush.

5.Dasham Fall

The water falls from a great height of more than 144 feet at Dasham Fall making it one of the best waterfalls in Ranchi. It is just 34 kilometers far from the Ranchi city and a scenic destination for the locals.

There are ten streams of water fall down that’s why this waterfall is called “Dasham Fall” or “Dasham Gagh” because the word Dasham relates to ten.

The river Kanchi falls from a great height making this waterfall one of the best place to enjoy weekends and connect with nature. Dasham Fall is also a major tourist attraction and picnic hotspot.

This place is wonderful and perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones but does not avoid safety rules, it can be very dangerous.

How to reach this place:

35 kilometers isn’t a very big distance. Just book a cab or hire a local transport to reach this place.

6.Pahari Mandir

Pahari Mandir is one of the most famous and oldest temples of Ranchi. The main Shiva temple is at the top of the Ranchi hill and the word “Pahar” relates to a hill that’s why this temple is called Pahari Mandir.

The Ranchi Hill has an altitude of almost 2140 feet from the sea level and there are more than 300 steps to reach the top of the hill.

This place has its own historical value. During the British period, the freedom fighters were hanged at this place and that’s why it was called “Phansi Tongri” in ancient times. In the remembrance of the freedom fighters, the national flag is also hosted at this temple on Republic Day.

How to reach this place:

You don’t have to go outside the city center to visit this place because it is situated nearby.

7.Deori Mandir

One of the most sacred places of Ranchi, Deori Mandir is also a tourist destination. The temple is very old and was built by the tribal devotees from sandstone. It is believed that the idol of Goddess Durga having sixteen arms was crafted by a tribal chief.

This ancient temple is almost 60 kilometer far from Ranchi and located in Tamar village. Over the old temple, a new structure has been built these days which protects the main temple from weather also provide bigger space for the devotees.

The temple opens daily in the morning at 5.00 am to 8:30 pm.

How to visit this place:

This ancient shrine is connected with road and you can visit this place easily through a bus. You can get a bus from “Kantatoli” a place near the city. The fares are cheap and the buses are available from the early morning.

8.Deer Park

You can call this place a heaven for the deer and visitors too. This place is also known as Birsa Mrig Vihar and is a home to more than 15 species of deer.

This place houses more than 250 deer of different species from spotted deer to Sambhars and from barking deer to Neelgai. You will also find a great number of birds and rabbits in this place. The nearby area is surrounded by big Sal trees and shrubbery canopy.

How to visit Deer Park:

Book a can or rent an auto rickshaw to visit this place form your hotel. It is just almost 22 KM from the main city.

9.Jagganath Temple

jagganath temple Jharkhand

Jagganath temple is one of the most ancient temples of Jharkhand and was constructed in 1691. This 17th-century monument was built by the king of Barkagarh, Thakur Anil Nath Shahdeo.

The temple is a replica of the famous Jagganath temple of Puri and every year a Rath Yatra is held in this place. The best part of this temple is it is located on a hilltop which makes it one of the best tourist destinations of Ranchi.

How to visit this place:

This place is just almost 10 kilometers far from the main city and can be easily reached by booking a cab or using the local auto rickshaws.

10.Tagore Hill

Ranchi is called the city of waterfalls but it can also be called the city of hills. There are plenty of hills situated in Ranchi and many of them gifted with some historical monuments too. The Jagganath temple, Pahari Mandir, Rock Garden, Tagore Hill are located on a hilltop.

This place is named after the famous poet and Nobel Prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagore. It is said that Rabindra Nath Tagore used to visit this place to connect with nature and get inspiration for his poems and stories.

This place is also called Morabadi Hill and having a height of more than 200 ft. This is a must to visit a place and one of the top tourist attractions of Ranchi.

Final Note:

Ranchi is developing at it best and is also gifted with fabulous natural beauty. This place has everything, from world-class hotels to huge shopping complexes and from concrete jungles to forest canopies. The locals are very humble to visitors but some rural and areas are also affected by Naxalism.

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