7 Remedies For Bad Breath While Traveling

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Bad breath is always an unpleasant problem to have. Worse still, it becomes even more troublesome when you travel. The science says that sudden changes in air pressure impacts the production of saliva causing dry mouth. With less saliva, you invite more bacteria leading to a stinking breath. That aside, our food choices are also to blame for bad breath situation when we travel as we often gorge on fast foods and soda during journeys. Even eating less and irregular meal times can cause in-flight halitosis. You however needn’t worry a bit as oral care can solve all your bad breath worries easily. You also have to take care of oral hygiene as you routinely do to keep the bad breath problem away.

Here are 7 remedies for bad breath while traveling –

1. Carry your oral hygiene kit along

When on journey, it makes sense to carry your oral hygiene kit along. You should pack your toothpaste and toothbrush to maintain oral hygiene all along the journey rather than waiting for the crew to provide you that. If you’re not fond of brushing during flights, you can at least rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to keep bacteria away. it’s always handy to go with a toothpaste having with sodium fluoride as one of ingredients.

2. Floss after meals to stop bad breath

Floss between your teeth to maintain your oral care while traveling. You can do it before or after brushing to scrub out plaque, bacteria, and food particles stuck between your teeth. No matter how good your toothbrush is, it still can’t reach all parts of the mouth to clean the teeth completely. With floss, you don’t allow deposits on your teeth which is how the problem of bad breath is treated effectively.

3. Pack a tongue scraper on your trip

Did you know the tongue carries the most bacteria within your mouth? Well, a good number of people don’t know about this, so they continue to give tongue cleaning a miss. You should not avoid tongue cleaning as all it takes a few seconds and it kills bacteria effectively. You can either use a tongue scraper or your toothbrush bristles to get the act done in a hassle-free manner.

4. Use any quality anti-bacterial oral spray

Oral sprays are quite common these days as a way to fight off bad breath problem effectively. These sprays are easy to carry and often come in liquid form. You can spray them on the tongue or in mouth and kill bacteria that cause your breath to stink. Such sprays are pocket-size, and you can carry them along on your trips to beat halitosis. You should however check the ingredients before buying them for better results.

5. Get a good mouthwash for your journey

While traveling, it’s recommended to have a good mouthwash and maintain your oral hygiene optimally. You can thus rinse the mouth after every meal and not allow bacteria or plaque to settle between teeth or around the teeth. You can select a mouthwash with a higher content of alcohol to kill bacteria more effectively. If possible, you should go with the one meant specifically for halitosis without any side effects.

6. Chew sugar-free gum on flight

Chewing sugar-free gum on flight is a good way to curb halitosis. The gum can help increase the production of saliva in mouth to keep it hydrated. This is how bacterial growth is not allowed. You should choose a chewing gum with xylitol ingredient to get the desired effect in right manner. This will help you keep the problem of bad breath away and you can smile and talk confidently while traveling.

7. Stay hydrated while travelling

Although you can’t carry more than two or three water bottles in-flight, this does not mean you should not be staying hydrated all along. In doing so, you won’t allow food particles and plaque and bacteria to harm your teeth or mouth in any way possible. You can’t take the risk of going dehydrated on the plane as it might pose health problems in plenty. You should also know that dental implants Astoria options are available to replace the natural tooth in any condition.

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