The Scariest Bridges in The World

You have probably heard that you should not be burning your bridges because you may need to use them should you need to go back to where you had come from. But when you have a look at some of the scariest bridges in the world, you may think twice about not burning the bridges after you have crossed, but stepping into them in the first place. Some of them are more than scary, being built at incredible heights, while others are wobbling literally to give an impression that you could go down with the next step. If you are used to the super bridges you see in your countries and other developed countries, here is a sample of some of the scariest bridges that will completely discourage you from going to some places-:

Aiguille De Midi Bridge

Aiguille du Midi bridge

The bridge is in France and the name literally means, “The Needle of the South.” It is a definite heart-stopper as far as scariest bridges are concerned. The mountain on which the bridge is built has two tops which peaks at an altitude of 12, 605 feet and the bridge is constructed just a few meters from the very top. If you are acrophobic, then probably this should not be one of the destinations you should consider when planning for online passport renewal for a trip to France. But if you think you have the guts to venture to such great hearts, then you will be rewarded with a trip of a lifetime, starting with the cable cars which will take you up to an altitude of 9,200 feet where you will then have a chance to access the bridge and head to the mountaintop.

Royale Gorge Bridge

Royal George bridge

If you are afraid of heights, then this is another bridge you should not attempt the crossing. The bridge is in Colorado and it ever since its construction, it held the world record of being the tallest bridge in the world until 2001. Those who have walked across it advise those going for the first time that they should avoid looking across the railings, because at a height of 969 feet, or about ten stories tall, you may suddenly be engulfed with fear of heights when you look at how deep the gorge below is. But if you think the bridge is scary now, then you can imagine how scary it was before 1982 when the wind stabilizing cables were installed on it.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

If you thought the above two are scary, then that is before you think about walking on a very tall rope bridge with rough ocean waters bellowing below. This is exactly the experience you can expect to find at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Northern Island. The bridge is at a height of approximately 100 feet, with sharp rocks and rough waters below it. Walking on it during windy days would be the most scaring thing in the world as it will be swaying from side to side, and you can’t help that it could snap any minute just as they do in the movies and send you straight to the mouths of sharks swimming below. These are the kinds of the bridges that when you cross, you should never attempt to look down.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge is in Canada, and it was constructed way back in 1889, making it over 100 years old. To those who fear heights, the only people who can dare cross this bridge are only those with death wishes. But this is not necessarily true and it is because they are just afraid of the heights. The bridge is at a height of 230 over very thick and dense vegetation and it spans over 450 feet long. The bridge is said to be wobbly and shaky and definitely the last place you would wish to be found where there are strong winds blowing over the forests.

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac bridge

Mackinac Bridge is in Michigan, and at first glance, you may not see anything scary about it, since it looks very stable and just like any other decent bridge. However, your perception of the bridge will change when you notice the over 5-mile expanse that could mean an immediate end to your life should you find yourself anywhere else other than on the bridge. The bridge has had its fair share of deaths and these are some of the stories that make it even scariest. For example, five people perished on the waters below during its construction, in 1989, a lady named Leslie Ann plummeted in the ocean waters when she was driving at a high speed on a windy day, and in 1997, a troubled family drove off the beach and committed suicide in the waters below.

Puente de Ojuela

Puente de Ojuela Bridge is not just scary but also looks incredibly menacing. The bridge is just two feet wide and spans over a length of 1043 feet. With just a width of two feet, if you lose your balance, you will be sure that you will be on the way to meet your maker when your body finally makes contact with the sharp rocks at the base of the gorge, which is 360 feet from where the bridge is suspended. If you planned for online passport renewal for a Mexico tour and you find yourself on this spot, it would make sense to take the risk of crossing, since there is nothing you will find on another side other than a ghost town.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Hussaini Hanging bridge

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is in Pakistan and it is by far the scariest and probably one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. If you have to walk across this bridge, then you should better be sure that you have made peace with your creator since your chances of making it to the other end are not guaranteed in any way. What constitutes the bridge are nothing but small wood planks on the floor, and sticks and strings on the side rails. The bridge is always rickety, wobbly and always swaying with the slightest provocation of the wind. It is a shame that in a country with a GDP of $232.3 billion, this is the best that a government can have for a bridge.

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